World Maritime University goes live with tailored Tribal Campus solution: Case Study

The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden is a postgraduate maritime university founded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialised agency of the United Nations. The university accepts approximately 400 enrolments per annum in programmes specific to the maritime sector.

In January 2017, WMU successfully went live with the Tribal Campus student management solution, including Moodle integration and the system’s dynamic self-service recruitment tool.


The Requirement

WMU was in need of an updated and effective student management system (SMS). After several discussions with senior Tribal team members, WMU staff were confident that Tribal could deliver a system tailored to their specific requirements.

High level solution designs were established by Tribal during the pre-sales process in order to assign appropriate and achievable budgets for the university. WMU was prepared to review and adapt business processes and, where possible, key representatives were able to make executive calls on major decisions, minimising delay and streamlining collaboration.


The Solution

Tribal Campus, including Tribal PEPi (student management), Moodle Integration and Delta Portal (self-service recruitment), was chosen as the optimum solution for WMU. Tribal Campus is an innovative cloud solution that can virtualise learning platforms and bring organisations to the cloud, an environment commonly used and understood by students.

Using both Campus and PEPi services means students have immediate access to Tribal Forums if they are enrolled through Tribal PEPi, reducing the need to have multiple sign-up requests for a service that is available from one platform. Tribal Delta is a powerful student and partner self-service tool to help attract interest in courses, grow direct recruitment capacity and manage student administration needs.

“Initial requirements workshops were conducted, face-to-face with our client from WMU flying over from Malmö, Sweden and spending time with our Geelong –based Tribal Campus team. During that time, our Foundation Team was able to deliver a pre-configured environment in a known state with supporting documentation”
said Mark Pink, Business Development Manager, speaking on behalf of Tribal.


Development of the solution quickly commenced in September 2016, and the solution went live in January 2017.


Speaking on behalf of World Maritime University, Peter Marriott, Assistant Registrar said:

“We were very happy that the delivery of Campus was on-time and under budget. Thanks to the collaborative and organised process of the Tribal Campus team, we are confident that this solution will provide an efficient and effective SMS for the university.”


Some of the project highlights include:


Two-week face-to-face workshops with WMU and the Tribal Campus team, allowing WMU to make the final call on requirements, resulting in a truly tailored solution
Remote implementation from Geelong, Australia to Sweden, within time constraints and within budget
A small, collaborative Tribal team in place, their tasks and roles were clearly defined to WMU at the start of the project
Strong and frequent communication between Tribal project team and WMU. A shared log was completed and weekly project calls were held with WMU where they were kept up to date on all issues, risks or delays
Tribal Campus enhancements included a client specific Tribal DELTA Porta, GPA Enhancements in Campus solution and configuration of Campus tailored to clients’ needs.


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