Ingeus: Making a positive, lasting difference to people's lives

Ingeus is a founding member of the B Corp community in the UK and a leading provider of apprenticeship services that make a positive, lasting difference to people's lives. The Ingeus group of companies has operations in 11 countries, including the UK and Australia. They deliver a wide range of services from national employability and training programmes to specialist support for local communities.

Before working with Tribal, Ingeus identified several problems with their scattered systems and processes.

Previously, staff at Ingeus were having to use five different systems to manage their learner processes. When dealing with apprenticeships, this became almost impossible and managers had no confidence in the data.

Money was being wasted, time wasn't being well spent and frustrations ran high.

Ingeus needed a single system that gave them the flexibility and reliability they needed to be able to manage and trust their data.

After speaking to Tribal's apprenticeship team to understand the requirements, it was advised that a single solution was needed in the form of a combined learner management, learner ePortfolio and continuous improvement tool. Known as ActionPlan+, e-track and Maytas, the three products worked harmoniously together as a single solution, meaning one data set, one data entry point and one version of the truth.

Ingeus now has a single solution that streamlines and centralises their processes. They have consistency, trust and flexibility within their data management. They are also embedding a methodology and culture around Maytas and e-track whilst undergoing a programme to reduce costs across the business.



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