CMS Vocational Training

The Challenge

CMS had multiple systems for eportfolios, CRM and data entry and wanted to pull them together into one system. They also wanted to move from using Excel spreadsheets to manage their growing commercial courses in health and fitness, to dedicated Course software.

Succession planning was important to the business and they wanted one system which everyone knew how to use rather than being reliant on one ‘ILR data entry expert’.


Before the hosted Maytas solution from Tribal, CMS had multiple systems for eportfolios, CRM and data entry. They were able to pull them all into one using Maytas 5.

Inputting the data around learners is a very important part of CMS’ business and they wanted a solution which everyone could use rather than a bespoke system which only one person was trained to use. Maytas 5 has standardised pages with easy-to-use drop down options or tick boxes. Gareth Luke, Operations Manager at CMS, says, “We’re working towards a situation where inputting the ILR data is fool proof so any team member can potentially add in data.”

They started their CRM database from scratch when they implemented Maytas 5 rather than migrating data across from their previous “bespoke, expensive old system”. Now all four sales staff can access the database. Website enquiries will be linked with Maytas and included in the CRM module and they also plan a link direct to their accounting package, Sage. “We can log into Maytas to see the history of our sales, who called which contact and when, when it became a contract and which assessors are assigned,” adds Gareth.


Now that CMS has a hosted Maytas service it can use Maytas to its full potential and everyone can work from the same system and can troubleshoot with everyone else. Less training is also required now that only one system is used for multiple operations. Gareth explains, “Maytas is key to our strategy. We now have three quarters of our staff using it – five assessors, three managers, one admin staff and four sales people.”

Gareth adds, “We made substantial cost savings on moving our eportfolio across to Maytas 5. We used to pay £24 per learner registration, a total of around £6,000 a year. We pay substantially less now using the eportfolio that’s included in Maytas 5.

CMS now uses the Course module in Maytas 5 for its commercial courses and apprenticeships, rather than the Excel spreadsheets it used when the courses were first launched. Gareth adds, “As the module is included in Maytas 5, the ongoing costs are minimal but the benefits are great. We can book tutors and resources, see who’s attending courses and ensure we don’t doublebook resources – plus we’re making savings on our administration time.”

They have a bespoke tab set up in Maytas 5 which allows assessors to sign students up via e-track and to upload their details. This saves administration time on keying in and carrying out the ILR checks. “We can look at visits and reviews on the system, assess action plans and reviews too. As this is all online we save time and printing costs – the efficiencies are clear,” comments Gareth.

Time/Cost Savings

Maytas 5 means the assessors are now able to work with larger case loads as they are saving time on assessments through the use of Wizards, the ability to upload data in the field and sync when in the office. They have electronic access to action plans and reviews, removing the need to carry bulky paper files around. Communicating with learners is also more efficient as assessors can copy and paste information from action plans and email it to learners. They can use Dictaphones to record evidence and simply fire up their laptop and attach the recordings.

The hosted system means that the level of support offered is high quality. Gareth comments, “The support is good, when we need it we email Tribal and they offer good support even when the issue is as a result of a third party problem. It’s very good value.”


They are planning to use the Vacancy software to advertise job vacancies and have already started inputting prospects.

After training they will use the Reports module. Gareth explains, “We’ve used Excel spreadsheets to date but with the Maytas reports we’ll be able to save time and be able to see at a glance who’s learning what and when. They’ll also allow us to see more accurate forecasts of revenue.”

“Although Maytas is historically used more for government-funded provision, we see it as an ideal tool for both branches of our offer. In fact we use it more heavily for the commercial side. We try to put everything we do through Maytas from sales to assessors and IVs and plan to link it with our accounts system so that we can send invoices electronically too.”

Gareth Luke, Operations Manager at CMS

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